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  Member Rights

1. The highest authority of this association is the general meeting.

2. As the members exceed three hundred, member representatives can be elected according to the partition ratio, and then the general meeting can be held to exercise the rights.
3. Member representatives are on behalf of a three-year term. The election methods are proposed by the Boards and then submitted to the authority for review.
4. The member rights are as follows:
(1) Set and change the articles of association.
(2) Elect and depose the directors and supervisors.
(3) Decides the amount and manner of admission fee, annual fee, operating expenses and member donations.
(4) Decide the annual work plans, reports, budgets and final accounts.
(5) Decide the disposal of expulsion of the members (member representatives).
(6) Decide the disposal of properties.
(7) Decide the dissolution of the association.
(8) Decide other significant matters relevant to rights and obligations of members.

 The scope of the above 8th significant matters are determined by the association.

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